Vicky Schulman

Vicky sitting on a bench with a black lab at her feet

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I have lived on the Peninsula in the SF Bay Area since 1987, busy working at tech companies and raising three children, including one with autism. I’m an empty-nester now, living in Menlo Park and employed as a business analyst at Netapp. I frequently work from home, but my colleagues will probably want me to come into the office more often if I am raising a guide dog puppy. They are pretty excited.

I have lived with dogs almost my entire life. Early on I became fascinated by the relationship between humans and working dogs. In Springtime, a herd of sheep grazed the foothills behind our house in the San Fernando Valley and I hiked the hills after them until I had the nerve to approach sheperd, who spoke only Basque but was very friendly and introduced me to his surprisingly silly working dogs. Volunteering as a puppy raiser has been on my bucket list since I read “Follow My Leader” as a child. I finally have the time to devote to that passion.