• Status: Career Change
  • Birthdate: Jul 18, 2016
  • Breed: Black Labrador Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Parents: Irene (dam) and Kepler (sire)
  • Raiser(s): The Tsuda family, Jen (starter)

More about Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt will be missed.  One of his raisers, Randy Tsuda, remembers him as follows:

“Vanderbilt was a big lumbering goof of a dog; he didn’t so much walk as waddle with his front feet splayed to the side. I told him he walked like a Komodo Dragon. Look up Komodo Dragons on YouTube and you’ll get the picture. He was a Shrek-like Lab who grunted, groaned and sometimes suffered from D.O. (doggy odor) but we loved him. And, he was going to be a very, very good guide for some blind person. As a raiser you kind of know after a while whether a puppy will make it to become a working guide and Vanderbilt was going to become a guide.

He died doing something that Labs (and many dogs for that matter) love to do—chew on a stick. I suspect this is an honorable way to go for a Lab. The ancient Labs in white robes welcomed Vanderbilt and gave him a paw on the back when he waddled up to the gates.”